AliMed and Bar-Ray partner to bring SMARTID® to AliMed's customer network

May 16, 2017
smart id

Web-based tracking system helps medical professionals digitally manage their radiation protection

AliMed, a leading niche manufacturer and distributor of medical products, announced today it is partnering with Bar-Ray, a leader in the radiation protection industry, to offer their SMARTID digital radiation protection tracking system to AliMed customers.

Facilities can have large quantities of radiation protection aprons. Keeping track of them can be a challenge as often times aprons are misplaced or left in the wrong departments. SMARTID can help make the entire radiation protection management process much easier.

Scan, track, and replenish aprons from any device

SMARTID is a free web-based radiation protection management system that staff can access through an easily downloadable QR code scanner app, allowing them to easily view inspection history for Joint Commission compliance, find inventory reports for on-hand aprons with trackable inspection history records for each item, and immediately replace failed aprons or restock right from their device. Data is also accessible from any desktop computer.

SMARTID is a valuable and time-saving tool, giving our customers immediate access to their inventory — literally from anywhere,” Stephen Dunn, O.R. Product Manager, said. “AliMed aprons are tagged and ready to go when orders are placed and we’ll even come on-site to help facilities get set up. It’s fast, easy, and free.” Each SMARTID tag includes a unique QR code and is available on all AliMed Grab n Go™ and Perfect Fit™ aprons.

For more information, please visit SMARTID.

AliMed has been an industry leader in providing medical products to healthcare facilities with a strong focus on radiation protection — modern day armor that shields against the harmful effects of scatter radiation — to help reduce and minimize staff exposure. To learn more about our selection of radiation protection products, visit

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