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SMARTID® Digital Tracking System

bar-ray smart id for inventory tracking

AliMed is now partnering with Bar-Ray to help you digitally manage your radiation protection. The SMARTID digital tracking system allows you to simply and easily view your facility’s apron inspection and inventory details – at no additional cost. It’s as easy as SCAN, TRACK, and REPLENISH!

Is it really this easy? Yes!

Scan it! – Quickly view inspection history for Joint Commission compliance through an easy-to-use, web-based system

Track it! – Easily find inventory reports for on-hand aprons with trackable inspection history records for each item

Replenish it! – Immediately replace failed aprons or restock right from your device

How does it work?

  • Each apron comes tagged with a unique QR code that can be scanned with any mobile device’s QR code reader for radiation protection management. You can also view and manage data through your desktop computer.
  • Once scanned, you are redirected to a web-based system that maintains a cumulative record of inspection dates and results for each product in your inventory.
  • Attached to each apron is a tag with a designated color for each year of inspection for smooth tracking.

Tell me the benefits.

  • Track, manage, and order inventory faster, saving time!
  • AliMed will help you set up your facility so it’s SMARTID-ready.
  • New aprons come already tagged, as well as any AliMed aprons purchased since 2014.
  • Compatible with these AliMed aprons:
  • bar-ray smart id for grab n go aprons Color-coded sizing, 3 weights, ships same day
  • bar-ray smart id for perfect fit aprons 100+ color and print choices, standard or tailored-fit sizes, 4 weights

I’m in!

Contact us to get started.


Call: 800-225-2610

Who you’ll talk to: An AliMed Radiation Protection & SMARTID Product expert.