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Arthritic Foot Pain Supports

Select the right level of support for your arthritic foot needs
  Light Support Moderate Support Maximum Support
Bracing Options Cushioning insoles or heel cups Arch support insoles with moderate, semi-rigid support Firm, semi-rigid to rigid insoles
Restrictions Allows for normal foot motion during walking Moderate level of midfoot restriction Maximum restritction or "stiffening" of foot
Cushioning or Fit: Gentle cushioning, easy to fit in shoe Cushioning varies depending on topcoat Varies, may also require shoe modifications
Support is Best For:

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thumb stabilizer
thumb keeper
Additional Support Big Toe Pain Midfoot Pain
Shoe Modification Options Corn, Callus and Hammer toe pads and inserts, pressure relief pad or splint for bunion. Pressure relief padding for inside of shoe
Recommended Product Visco GEL Bunion Care Relief Sleeves Molestick Padding

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