Walkers, Canes and Crutches

Finding the right Walker, Cane or Crutches will improve your mobility.  Shop all walkers, canes and crutches to determine which is right for your mobility needs, comfort and preferences.


Walkers are designed to meet a wide range of patient needs. Walkers can be designed to have a wider frame for better patient stability, for one hand use for stroke patients, extra durability for larger patients, provide upper body support or push down breaks for patients with limited hand function, for use during post op patient exercises, or anti rattle silencers for quiet operation.


Canes are designed with varying heights, grips and bases to meet your specific mobility needs. Poplar canes include the AliMed's Adjustable Offset Cane, Bariatric Heavy Duty Cane and Stable Base Quad Cane for more stability.


Crutches come in several designs to ensure you get the support you need for your specific mobility needs. Whether you need crutches for recovery, heavy duty crutches rated for 600+ pounds, or forearm crutches finding the right one will improve mobility and comfort.

Need Help Finding the right walker, cane or crutch?

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