Arm and Shoulder Slings

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  • AliMed® Cuff and Collar Sling AliMed® Cuff and Collar Sling
    • Holds weight of arm without a lot of bulk
    • Fits wrist circumference of 6”-10”
    • Soft shoulder pad and metal slide buckles for easy adjustment
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  • AliMed® Envelope Style Arm Slings AliMed® Envelope Style Arm Slings
    • Traditional envelope style
    • Distributes arm weight for cast support, or treatment of arm, hand, or wrist injuries
    • Webbing strap with double D-ring and hook-and-loop closure for easy application
    • Deluxe model with padded strap and thumb loop
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  • AliMed® Hemi Shoulder Sling AliMed® Hemi Shoulder Sling
    • Shoulder saddle serves as a secure anchor point
    • Distraction straps adjust up or down and can control rotation
    • Cuff is lined with cool, open-cell polyurethane
    • Full joint mobility
    • Elastic panel accommodates muscle volume changes
    • Biceps-triceps belly band locks cuff in place

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  • AliMed® Mesh Arm Sling AliMed® Mesh Arm Sling
    • Lightweight, breathable mesh material
    • Webbing strap and metal slide buckle for durability and easy adjustment
    • Elevates, protects, and supports hand, arm, or shoulder
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  • AliMed® Open End Arm Sling AliMed® Open End Arm Sling
    • Open on both ends for easy application
    • Webbing strap with metal slide buckle for easy adjustment
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  • Arm Sling with Thumb Loop Arm Sling with Thumb Loop
    • Deep pouch supports elbow and hand
    • Thumb loop helps prevent sling migration and keeps hand neutral
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  • CVA Sling CVA Sling
    • Two large cuffs for hand and forearm support
    • Strap is padded at the neck for maximum comfort
    • Easy to apply, adjust, and remove
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  • Fits-All Sling Fits-All Sling
    • Ideal for short-term use
    • Adjusts to fit any person from child to adult
    • Low cost
    • Deep pocket
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  • GivMohr Slings GivMohr Slings
    • Innovative new GivMohr Sling design based on the principles of ND
    • The positioning device for flaccid upper extremities
    • Sling promotes functional positioning of the upper extremity
    •  Reduces subluxation in sitting and standing Reduces shoulder pain
    • The GivMohr Bilateral Sling provides support to the arms of individuals with bilateral shoulder involvement

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  • Harris Hemi-Arm Sling Harris Hemi-Arm Sling
    • Easy for the one-handed patient to apply.
    • Weight is distributed across both shoulders
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  • Joslin ER Sling™ Joslin ER Sling™
    • Disposable
    • Stretches to fit a wide variety of sizes
    • Tough arm sling lasts up to two weeks under normal use
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  • Joslin Swathe® Joslin Swathe®
    • Gently holds upper arm against the body
    • Easily adjustable
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