Alternative Uses for Straps in Medical Settings

October 3, 2023

strap medical use for cordsMedical safety straps are most often used to ensure patient safety during medical procedures, keeping them properly positioned and secure. Some types of medical straps, such as AliStrap®, are more versatile and can have additional uses in healthcare settings. These straps generally have strong hook-and-loop closures, and many are available in precut sizes or longer cut-to-size rolls. 

Because of their strength, reusability, versatile sizing, and ease of use, these types of medical safety straps can be used in a variety of other ways aside from patient positioning. In this article, we will explore some different applications for multipurpose-style medical safety straps in healthcare settings.  

Organizing Cords and Wires: Whether you’re dealing with medical devices or office equipment, cords and wires can be cumbersome to manage. Medical safety straps can be used to organize and secure these cords in many different areas—from the front desk to the operating room—without leaving any sticky residue. This helps keep the workspace clear of tripping hazards and also keeps cords and wires from becoming tangled, helping prevent damage to the equipment.

Positioning Medical Devices: Medical safety straps are also useful for securing some medical devices, such as tubing or IV lines, in the proper position. If not secured, these devices can slide out of place or even fall off the patient's body. Securely positioning these types of medical devices ensures that they are functioning effectively and accurately. Additionally, because these straps use hook-and-loop closures instead of adhesives, they will not leave behind any residue when repositioned or removed.

Organizing Supplies or Equipment: Medical straps can also be used in place of tape to easily organize a wide range of supplies without leaving any sticky residue. Items like resistance bands, for example, can be bundled together instead of being stored loosely, helping prevent them from tangling. This also keeps supplies easily accessible for increased efficiency.

Securing Equipment During Transportation: When transferring critical equipment, it is important to ensure that everything is secured tightly and safely. This reduces the risk of equipment falling and getting damaged during transit. Multipurpose medical straps can also be used to secure equipment to medical carts, stretchers, wheelchairs, or other transport devices for easy access to necessary supplies during emergencies.

It is important to note that not all medical straps can be used in these alternate ways. However, medical safety straps that are specifically designed for multipurpose use can serve as versatile tools in the medical field, providing many benefits beyond patient safety.  

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