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AliStrap® Precut Patient Safety Straps
AliStrap® Precut Patient Safety Straps
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AliStrap® Soft
AliStrap® Soft
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AliStrap® Dispenser
AliStrap® Dispenser
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AliStrap® Soft Precut Patient Safety Straps
AliStrap® Soft Precut Patient Safety Straps
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The Right Strap. Right Length. Every Time!

Six widths, two styles, one strap

AliStrap® is a non-adhesive, self-adhering, hook-and-loop strap that’s a trusted choice to secure and position patients, yet offers so much more—literally hundreds of uses, from patient positioning to cord management and just about anything in between. Its soft edges make it safe enough to use against patients’ skin, yet strong and durable enough to hold heavy equipment in place. Never worry about searching for special length straps—AliStrap comes in a convenient roll so you can cut to fit for any use. Economical for single-patient-use. AliStrap is a hygienic alternative to tape because it doesn’t leave behind sticky, bacteria-trapping residue.

A softer solution For patients with the most vulnerable and sensitive skin—particularly infants and the elderly — AliStrap Soft combines the strength and security of AliStrap with a softer, fully padded surface that is gentler against delicate or fragile skin. Its internally padded loop has a built-in foam layer nestled between the hook and loop, providing extra protection and comfort for the patients who need it most.

  1. Choose your width. With ranges from 3/4" to the 10" for AliStrap, and 1-1/2" to 2" for AliStrap Soft, there’s a width for every need.
  2. Choose your length. Available as a 30'L continuous roll that can be cut to any length.
  3. Choose your application. From operating rooms to patient rooms, AliStrap is an economical, single-use strapping solution for any application.

AliStrap Precut Positioning Straps

No cutting, no measuring, no hassles

Preparing your patients for imaging or O.R. procedures can be a lengthy process, so having to waste valuable time searching for scissors or measuring tape to cut just the right size strap can be an added frustration.

Convenient precut lengths AliMed's best selling AliStrap is now available in convenient precut lengths designed to speed up your prep time while minimizing disruption to your sterile environment.

All the features of AliStrap With a strong, self-adhering, back-to-back hook-and-loop closure and skin-safe, soft edges, these Precut Positioning Straps are safe enough to use against patient's skin yet strong enough to secure accessories - all without leaving behind sticky, bacteria-trapping residue. Perfect for single-use applications.

Save time searching for straps!

AliMed’s wall-mountable AliStrap Dispenser provides quick and easy access to the most commonly used AliStrap sizes to safely position patients or secure equipment — anytime, anywhere!

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