AliMed® Walker Hand Splint

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  • Ideal for maintaining wrist alignment
  • Appropriate for mild to moderate tone


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AliMed® Walker Hand Splint This unique new splint solves the difficult problem of positioning a weak or "hemi" hand on a walker. There are many issues associated with hand weakness and walker use. The hand can slip off the grip or slip out of position, limiting the users ability to control the walker and the amount of trunk support provided. Soft walker cuffs can't hold a heavy hand securely in position and don't hold their shape in the presence of mild to moderate flexor tone.

The Walker Hand Splint maintains proper wrist alignment and provides weight bearing through the appropriate parts of the hand. The criss-cross straps easily secure the hand in place and can even be fastened by the user. The malleable aluminum core allows the splint to be molded to fit most any hand and walker grip. An adhesive hook-and-loop strap (included) is placed on the walker grip to attach to the hook-sensitive surface of the splint, securing it in place. Comfortable, padded terry cover keeps skin dry and protected. Removable cover for easy laundering. Hand wash with warm soap and water, air dry. One size, choose Left or Right.

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