AliMed® Turnbuckle Functional Position Splint

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Product Highlights

  • Permits application of incremental low-load force to the wrist joint
  • Gradually reduces contracture while hand is aligned in a functional position
  • Tool-free adjustment

Product Details

More About This Product

AliMed® Turnbuckle Functional Position Splint These static progressive splints help maintain gains in ROM achieved through stretching and splint wear. The steel rod-and-turnbuckle mechanism provides a low-load stretch to the joint to gradually reduce a wrist flexion contracture while maintaining a functional hand position. The turnbuckle with triangular-shaped grip easily adjusts with splint in place for optimal positioning.

Rigid Kydex® splint shell is hinged at the wrist, with the turnbuckle connecting the hand and forearm portions of the splint. Soft padded two-part Beta Pile II™ cover is comfortable against skin and is removable for washing. Padded straps are reinforced with hook-and-loop closures in areas of repetitive closure for added durability. Splint adjusts from 80º of wrist flexion to 60º of wrist extension. For appropriate fit, patient must have passive finger extension, and wrist contracture cannot exceed 90º flexion.

Suggested Code: L3931

Sizing is approximate. Specify Left or Right.
B fits smaller women
C fits larger women and smaller men
D fits most men

Note: Must be used under a physician's supervision.

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