AliMed® Turnbuckle Ankle Orthosis

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AliMed® Turnbuckle Ankle Orthosis
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Product Highlights

  • Control both dorsiflexion/plantarflexion and eversion/inversion simultaneously
  • Fully lined with washable terrycloth-foam laminate
  • Soft padded calf and toe straps are built into liner
  • Heel area enlarged to ensure heel does not rest on the splint
  • New triangular-shaped turnbuckle for improved grip


Product Details

More About This Product

AliMed® Turnbuckle Ankle Orthosis enables the clinician to apply progressive low-load torque at the ankle joint to control muscle imbalance and reduce contracture. The splint features a pair of bilateral turnbuckles, controlling both dorsiflexion/plantarflexion and eversion/inversion simultaneously. Simply adjust the turnbuckle to gradually modify angle at ankle joint to permit standing and walking.

Reduce plantarflexion contracture (increase dorsiflexion 0° - 10°) by turning both turnbuckles toward the foot. To increase plantarflexion 0° - 35°, turn both turnbuckles away from the foot.

The orthosis is fully lined with a comfortable, replaceable terry-foam laminate. Soft padded calf, toe and ankle straps are built into the liner. A separate padded ankle strap is used to secure ankle against the brace and limit rubbing. The heel area of the splint has been enlarged so the resident's heel rests above the splint – important protection for the sensitive heel area. Fits left or right foot.

Must be used under a physician’s supervision.

HCPCS Code: E1816
Use of suggested code does not guarantee reimbursement. Check with local DMERC for specific requirements.

Sizing: Approximate with shoe size.
Small: Women's 5-7, Men's 5-6
Medium: Women's 8-11, Men's 6-9
Large: Women's 12 , Men's 10

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