AliMed Introduces Economical Line of Staff and Patient Infection Prevention

August 16, 2021

Christian Baker, Sr. Product Manager
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AliMed Introduces Economical Line of Staff and Patient Infection Prevention Dispensers for Wider Access to PPE

Dedham, Mass., Aug. 16, 2021—AliMed, Inc., a Massachusetts-based medical supply manufacturer and distributor, introduced its new family of high-quality, economical Infection Prevention Stations to aid hospitals, clinics, physician’s offices, and other healthcare providers in offering easy, facility-wide access to personal protection equipment (PPE) for staff, patients, and visitors.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic universally changed the need for PPE to beyond just healthcare staff. And with elevated demand and mandates in place for mask and other PPE usage in most healthcare and community settings—including many schools and businesses—AliMed recognized that facilities would need to provide better access to masks, sanitizers, gloves, and other equipment in both public and staff areas to help reduce viral spread.

“When we assessed the dispenser market, we realized there wasn’t a real cost-effective option that would make it financially feasible for our customers to purchase and place PPE stations wherever they needed one,” said Christian Baker, Sr. Product Manager at AliMed. “So, we worked to develop a line that was equally as durable as others but at a price point that made it easier for our customers to acquire the stations needed to ensure facility-wide infection protection for their staff, patients, and anyone else entering their buildings.”

The AliMed line includes countertop and free-standing models that store masks, gloves, tissues, and sanitizer for placement in lobbies and other public areas and include free downloadable patient information signs for handwashing and mask wearing. Staff PPE organizers additionally provide space for gowns, booties, caps, and other items, and can be wall-mounted or used with an optional universal door hanger in isolation or patient rooms, exam areas, and other departments.

As a leader in the medical supply industry, AliMed offers a suite of infection control solutions from traditional sanitizers and disinfectants to more specialty products such as ultrasonically welded O.R. table straps, fluid-proof patient positioners, and antimicrobial-treated transfer devices to support any facility-wide protocol from the E.R. to the O.R.

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