ActiveWrap®, Lower Body

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Product Highlights

  • Hot/cold composition stays in place and never pushes away under pressure
  • Non-migrating heat and ice packs provide interval contrast heat/cold treatments
  • No mess, no hoses, no coolers, no chemicals, and no rock hard freezing substitutes

Product Details

More About This Product

ActiveWrap® provides heat, ice, and compress therapy in an all-in-one design. It allows hot/cold packs to be easily rotated in and out as needed. Each wrap is made of plush material with LYCRA® lining for comfort and easy application. A unique uniform composition gel stays in place as opposed to traditional pack designs that push away under pressure. Adjustable compression straps provide ultimate hot/cold healing relief. Use ActiveWrap® without thermal inserts to increase circulation and warmth for hours of natural heat.

To warm packs: Remove from wrap, place in a microwavable container, cover with warm water, and heat in a microwave for 45 seconds. To cool packs: place pack in the bottom pocket and place in the freezer. By sliding the ice pack in the bottom pocket, the user can control and temper the cold therapy by an average of 5 degrees.

Knee Wrap:
Small/Medium: Under 18" (best for shin/calf injuries); Large: Over 18" (best size for knees/thighs)
Foot/Ankle Wrap: Small/Medium: Men's size 10 and under; Large/X-Large: Men's size 10 and over
Hip Wrap: One size fits all • 21" x 16-1/2"; Strap (each side): 15" x 6"; Pack: 13-1/2" x 9", 1-year warranty

Replacement Hot/Cold Packs: Large: 13-1/2" x 9"

Number of Hot/Cold Packs included with wraps: Knee (2 S/M, 3 L/XL);  Foot/Ankle (2); Hip (1 XL).

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