AliMed's therapeutic modalities include multipurpose and specialty electrodes for electrotherapy, transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS) units, muscle stimulators, laser therapy equipment, ultrasound supplies, therapeutic massage supplies and other therapeutic modalities.

More about Modalities:

Modality therapies can be used for pain relief, to decrease inflammation and edema, to decrease muscle spasms and muscle atrophy, to decrease myofascial, low back, and neck pain, to reduce joint stiffness, and to enhance soft tissue healing. Modality therapies are used to improve patient conditions in a variety of healthcare settings including long-term care, physical rehabilitation, orthopedics, outpatient facilities, and elite athlete care.

Hot and cold therapies include AliMed Cold Packs with new double seals, Biofreeze,
Hydrocollator Chilling Units
Hydrocollator Heating Units
. AliMed ProStim Electrodes are long-lasting, multipurpose electrodes that evenly distribute current for improved patient comfort.

Therapeutic massage solutions stimulate blood flow and help reduce swelling. Patients can improve recovery
by using therapeutic massage aids including Mini Thera-Rolls, the Thera-Cane
, as well as a variety of massage lotions and topical anesthetics. AliMed also distributes a variety of quality massage tables and chairs.