Wheaton™ Pavlik™ Harness

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Wheaton™ Pavlik™ Harness
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Product Highlights

  • Pavlik harness adjustments can all be made from the front 
  • Harness has a special antislip foot piece
  • Extra-comfortable, soft lining

Product Details

More About This Product

The Wheaton™ Pavlik Harness is meticulously constructed to conform to prescribed orthopedic standards. The Wheaton™ Pavlik Harness is used to treat congenital hip dysplasia by holding the infant's hips in a position of controlled flexion and abduction. This Pavlik harness does not rigidly immobilize the hips, it allows movement in a controlled manner.

Comfort is assured because the harness had a special, soft inner lining. In addition, hook-and-loop fasteners allow for rapid and secure adjustments. There are no bulky buckles on the Wheaton™ Pavlik Harness, so the infant is comfortable in any position.

The Wheaton™ Pavlik Harness has color-coded anterior straps that help avoid misapplications. All strap adjustments can be made while the child lies supine. This patented feature is not found in any other Pavlik harness. Fitting and adjusting are easy and quick. The anti-slip foot pieces hold the infant's feet securely in the harness.

Hand wash in mild detergent. Air dry.

Suggested code: L1620.

Sizing: Measure chest circumference.
X-Small (premature), under 6 lbs: 12"-14"
Small: 1-3 months, 14"-16"
Medium: 3-6 months, 16"-18"
Large: 6-9 months, 18"-20"
X-Large: 8-11 months, 21-1/2" to 24-1/2"

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The Pavlik harness is specially designed to gently position the baby’s hips so they are aligned in the joint, and to keep the hip joint secure. Both hips need to be positioned in the pavlik harness. This does not mean there are problems with both hips. By positioning the baby’s hips in such a way that the hip joint is aligned and stable, the Pavlik harness helps normal growth and development of the baby's hip joint.

The Pavilk harness is designed to keep the baby’s hips in a specific position. The Pavlik harness should not be removed in the early stages of treatment, even if it is soiled, unless directed to do so by a doctor. Each week or two in the beginning of treatment, the position of the Pavlik harness will be checked by the doctor or nurse practitioner and adjusted as needed. This will allow for natural growth, keeping the hip joint in the best position. Soft, thin clothing (preferably a shirt or vest with a collar) may be worn under the Pavlik harness.

How do I care for the Wheaton Pavlik Harness?

Your physician applies the Wheaton Pavlik Harness and makes the necessary adjustments to the shoulder and leg straps, to hold the hips in the optimal position for proper hip development. The front leg straps on either side of the Wheaton Pavlik Harness control the amount of flexion, and the back leg straps on either side control the amount of abduction. You should not make any adjustments to the harness without first checking with your physician. For the first week or longer, depending on the stability of your child's hips, your physician may want the harness on at all times to maintain hip position. The harness is designed so that you can change the baby's diaper without having to undo the harness. After the hip has stabilized, your physician may allow your baby to be out of the harness for a short period each day. Before removing the harness, note the location of the markings on each strap, and trace over any markings that may be fading. You may then bathe your child, and wash the harness if necessary. Your physician will be checking the baby regularly, and will make the necessary adjustments to the straps. new markings should be applied to the straps after each adjustment. Most infants need to be in the harness for about three months if the condition is discovered at birth. however, the duration of treatment, and the number of hours per day that your child needs to be in the harness will be determined by your physician.

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