Keep blankets and fluids warmed to help fight hypothermia

Hypothermic patients face dangerous complications such as surgical site infections, limited immune function, decreased circulation, and ultimately impairment of the wound healing process.

Utilizing a warming cabinet to keep warmed blankets and fluids at the ready can make a big difference in patient safety and healing. Warming patients often reduces intra-operative bleeding, promotes better wound heeling, and even decreases the chance of a cardiac event related to core temperature drop. Pre-surgical warming of patients helps counteract initial heat loss brought on by anesthesia. 

Choose from a wide selection of warming cabinets for all your pre- and post-operative needs. Under-the-counter models provide adequate blanket storage in low-profile designs, while a deeper stock of blankets can be stored in the large-capacity cabinets. Consider seperate compartment warmers when warming fluids and blankets simultaneously. Glass door models allow for easy, visual inventory assessment. Purchase with confidence as all of the warming cabinets are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.