Volumeter Sets

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Volumeter Sets
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Product Highlights

  • Accurately measure edema
  • Select the right volumeter set for specific body part needs
  • Simply submerge the extremity and the displaced water is measured in the graduated overflow cylinder
  • Each volumeter set includes the appropriate graduated cylinder

Product Details

More About This Product

For quick, precise measurement of edema, just fill the appropriate volumeter with water, fully immerse the affected extremity, and measure the overflow in the graduated cylinder. Each Volumeter set comes with a graduated cylinder. Volumeters are made of extra-strong lucite and have leak-proof joints. Easy-to-read overflow cylinders accurately measure displaced water to simply document any changes in hand, arm forearm or leg swelling.

Hand Volumeter (3" x 5" x 9") and Foot Volumeter (5" x 13" x 9") are sized to fit most hands and feet. 

 The larger sized Forearm Volumeter (6" x 6" x 24"), Arm Volumeter (7" x 7" x 30"), Partial Leg Volumeter (6" x 13" x 24") and Large Partial Leg Volumeter (8" x 13" x 16") are sized accordingly.

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