Verbal, Visual, Numerical Brain Game Series

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Verbal, Visual, Numerical Brain Game Series
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  • Verbal, Visual, Numerical Brain Game Series
  • Verbal, Visual, Numerical Brain Game Series
  • Verbal, Visual, Numerical Brain Game Series
  • Verbal, Visual, Numerical Brain Game Series
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Product Highlights

  • Wide variety of word games progressing from easier to more complex
  • Activities for memory fitness programs and clients with mild cognitive impairment
  • Easily modified to meet several levels of functioning

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More About This Product

Verbal, Visual, Numerical Brain Game Series This brain game series of books provide unique modalities that come with several options. The flash drive included allows you to print off various pages while the workbook is something you can conveniently open up and do when needed. You can select the activities most appealing to the individual interests of each of the participants. Each activity in the visual, numerical and verbal brain game series progresses from simple to complex in three different but related levels (I , II and III). Some of the harder ones can be tricky so throw away the rules! It is an opportunity to take a peek at the answer and then try and figure out how that answer was derived.

Word Challengers
Many of these word puzzles will be unique to what you normally do. Some are easier to figure out while others are definitely more challenging. These offer excellent activities therapy and for the programs in senior centers, adult day, or independent and assisted living programs. In addition, many older adults receiving home companion services might enjoy this activity with the assistance of a hired caregiver. These challenges include matching words, word scrambles, and completing words.

Numerical Brain Games
Counting; Before, After or Between; Hidden Numbers; Decoding; Number Sequencing; Numbers in Wheels; Numbers in Boxes; Fractional Relationships; Missing Numbers; and Number Relationships.

Verbal Brain Games
Run Ons; Correct Spelling; Incorrect Spelling; Missing Vowels; Words in Wheels; Hidden Word Puzzles; Letter Maze; Letter Sequencing; Letter Relationships; Related Words; Words Within Words; Common Missing Letters; Common Missing Words and Letters; More Common Missing Words and Letters; and Word Relationships.

Visual Brain Games
Matching Identicals; Different Shapes; Tracking; Size Comparison; Copy or Divide; Pattern Sequencing; Counting; Analogies; Pattern Completion; Which Does Not Belong; Hidden Shapes; Remove or Add; Shape Formation; Combining Shapes; and Missing Parts.

These flash books from Kathryn Kilpatrick offer effective cognitive rehab for patients with dementia, TBI, stroke, and aphasia.

Each comes with book and flash drive.

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