Urology Drain Bags

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Product Highlights

  • Used with urology frames to collect liquid waste and surgical fluids for safe disposal
  • Options available for square, hoop-style, UroView, Siemens Uroskop, and Dornier frames
  • Individually packaged
  • Sterile

Product Details

More About This Product

All Urology Drain Bags are designed to collect liquid waste and surgical fluids for safe disposal. These bags are used with urology frames, which attach to surgical tables. Individually packaged, sterile.

Urocatch® Urology Drain Bags fit all hoop-style frames, including Urocatch® frames. Bags include tissue filter and 6'L flexible hose.
26"W x 15"L x 15"D • 8mm PVC film

UroView Urology Drain Bags (image not shown) are compatible with GE/OEC UroView surgical tables and feature a heavy-gauge strip to hold bag snugly to foot of table. Bags include vinyl mesh screen and flexible 6'L hose.
27"W x 27"L x 8-1/2"D • 8mm PVC film

Siemens Uroskop/Dornier Urology Drain Bags (image not shown) fit Siemens Uroskop System and Dornier frames. Individually packaged, sterile.
24”W x 21”L x 7”D

Square Urology Drain Bags (image not shown) fit all square frames. Plastic tab injection molded screen and funnel.
Small: 14"W x 12"L x 13-1/2"D
Large: 26"W x 12"L x 15"D

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