Trulife Pectus Carinatum Brace

Pectus Carinatum Brace #2970003426
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Product Highlights

  • Provides increased anterior/posterior directed corrective compression forces
  • Bendable metal components for adjustable fit
  • Washable foam pads increase patient comfort

Product Details

More About This Product

The Trulife Prefabricated Pectus Carinatum Brace features a low-profile design with an anterior panel (3-1/2" x 4-1/4") for a posterior-directed force, a posterior panel (6" x 4-3/4") for an anterior-directed force, and four lateral padded panels that contour around the chest. The Pectus Carinatum Brace panels are made from a low-density polyethylene that is flexible enough to easily conform around the patient’s chest to create an intimate and concealed fit. Over time, the patient’s body heat helps to mold the plastic panels around the chest for an even better custom fit. The Pectus Carinatum (PC) Brace panels are covered in a foam liner (1/4" to 3/8" thickness) providing additional patient comfort.

The TruLife PC Brace comes in one universal, fits most, size - fits up to a 39" chest circumference. The panels are mounted on aluminum bars with growth extensions, making it possible to adjust the circumference and fit of the orthosis as needed. The anterior and posterior sections of the PC Brace are connected by a tension system composed of bilateral ratcheting buckles. There are two ratchet buckles riveted onto the anterior lateral panels that have connecting ladder straps riveted onto the posterior lateral panels. By tightening the ratchets bilaterally, anterior/posterior (A/P) forces are directed on the pectus deformity. The ratchets have a quick-release lever, which makes it easy to loosen or remove the PC orthosis.

What is Pectus Carinatum?

Pectus carinatum (PC) is an anterior chest wall deformity associated with abnormal growth and development of the costal rib cartilages and sternum that is observed as an outward protrusion, tilt, or convexity on the anterior chest wall and often includes the sternum and associated ribs. The PC prominence may be either asymmetrical or symmetrical. Accurately identifying the type of Pectus Carinatum deformity is a crucial step in predicting the success of orthotic outcomes.

Orthotic Pectus Carinatum Treatment

PC orthosis design is based on Wolff ’s Law that when healthy bone and cartilage are loaded with a constant and increasing force, they will adapt, strengthen, and gradually remodel. A PC orthosis has two opposing forces, one directly over the apex of the prominence and one on the thoracic spine. Over time, this continuous force arrests further anterior cartilaginous growth and gradually remodels the rib cage into a more normal, flattened shape. The PC orthosis is worn until skeletal maturity is reached.

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