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Product Highlights

  • Helps stimulate blood flow and reduce swelling
  • Helps prevent pulmonary embolisms during long trips
  • Patented gradual compression
  • Comfortable Coolmax® material
  • Extra smooth toe seam
  • Numerous colors and sizes
  • Buy up to 3 pairs with no additional shipping charges!

Product Details

More About This Product

TravelSox® Patented gradual compression helps stimulate blood flow and reduce swelling. Coolmax® material with extra smooth toe seam keeps legs and feet comfortable, energized, and dry. Dress socks look sharp for everyday wear. TravelSoft Sox have padded footbed for additional comfort.

Suggested code: A6530.

Sizing: Shoe size

 Size  Women's  Men's
 Small  6 to 8-1/2
 5 to 7-1/2
 Medium  9 to 11  8 to 10
 Large  11-1/2  10-1/2 to 13

Buy up to 3 pairs with no additional shipping charges!

Tips For Safer Travel

Long flights increase the risk of pulmonary embolism. I developed an embolism when I didn't take any special precautions on an 8 hour flight. Now I travel smarter, and you can, too. Here's how:

During the flight, wear compression hose that have a non-constricting top. Compression hose help minimize the pooling of body fluids in the lower extremities. Try to be as active as possible during the flight, use the bathroom that's farthest away. Isometric foot and ankle exercise is good, too. Drink water at every opportunity during the flight. (the pressurized air inside the cabin is very dry, and dehydration increases your risk for embolism). The best part about wearing compression stockings while flying is that if you take off your shoes, you can slip them right back on after landing!

Julian Cherubini
President, AliMed, Inc.

P.S. Folks who stand a lot at their jobs will feel much better and avoid swollen ankles with simple compression socks. Check them out!

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