Top 10 Reasons to Thank a Nurse Today

May 10, 2021
National Nurses Month

2020 was an exceptional year in the healthcare industry with the COVID-19 pandemic overwhelming hospitals and clinics around the country and the world. In honor of National Nurses Month, we are celebrating the nurses who held—and continue to hold—our medical facilities together during what has been an unprecedented national public health crisis.

This month, we all have an opportunity to take a moment and appreciate the men and women who make up the heart of the healthcare industry, and it’s a reminder to show our appreciation to our frontline workers—not only this month, but all year long.

There are a million reasons to thank a nurse today—here are our top 10.

  1. Especially this last year, nurses put themselves in harm’s way to help others, despite inadequate PPE.
  2. Nurses made their own PPE and reused N95 masks just so they could continue to serve the patients who needed them.
  3. When PPE was finally available, nurses worked 12-hour shifts in full hazmat suits.
  4. Many shifted roles and became ICU nurses overnight.
  5. Many who had never done so before cared for patients in their final hours.
  6. Despite visitor restrictions, nurses innovated ways to keep families in touch with loved ones.
  7. In order to keep loved ones, coworkers, and patients safe, nurses isolated themselves from their own families.
  8. Nurses wore face masks continuously and for long hours to keep those around them safe, despite the extreme discomfort.
  9. While so many others worked from the safety of their homes, nurses continued to go to work every day.
  10. On top of everything, nurses still found time to care for their own loved ones, support children during remote schooling, and do everything else they needed to do every day.

This month, and every month, AliMed celebrates all our nurses, here and around the world—


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