Top 10 Reasons to Thank a Nurse Today

May 6, 2022
National Nurses Month

In honor of National Nurses Month, we all have an opportunity to take a moment and appreciate the heroes in our communities who make up the heart of the healthcare industry. It’s a reminder to show our appreciation to these incredible frontline workers as they continue to inspire us—not only this month, but all year long.

There are a million reasons to thank a nurse today—here are our top 10!


  1. Put themselves in harm’s way to help others.
  2. Work extremely long shifts, spending hours on their feet.
  3. Frequently improvise solutions to problems created by inadequate supplies.
  4. Often shift or take on additional roles due to inadequate staffing or increased patient volume.
  5. Provide comfort and care for patients in their final hours.
  6. Support family members as well as their patients.
  7. Isolate themselves from their own families if needed to keep their coworkers, patients, and loved ones safe.
  8. Wear masks continuously and for long hours to keep those around them safe.
  9. Answer tough questions as they strive to keep patients and their families informed through difficult situations.
  10. Still find time to care for their own loved ones, support children, and do everything else they needed to do every day.

This month, and every month, AliMed celebrates all our nurses, here and around the world—


All the essentials to keep nurses going strong:


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