TheraSIP™ TonguePRESS®

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Product Highlights

  • Strengthen the tongue to improve speech and swallowing
  • Can be used with children and adults
  • Can be sent home with client for additional practice

Product Details

More About This Product

TheraSIP™ TonguePRESS® Developed by Kathleen Smead This is a clinically developed therapy tool for strengthening the tongue. Research inspired, it incorporates the principles of exercise and resistance training for improved speech and swallowing abilities. It is filled with water and adjusted by loosening or tightening the valve. The water-filled bulb is placed on the tongue and pressed against the hard palate. The greater the client is able to press, the higher the indicator rises.  By practicing repetitively, the client increases strength. It can be sent home with client to practice thereby expanding the benefits of direct treatment and reducing the cost of care. The exercise is performed three times daily for adults with frequency modified for children. For individual use only. Color may vary. 

Patent #9,149,681.

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