Tongue LifteR

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Tongue LifteR
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Tongue Lifter #2970010824
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Product Highlights

  • Helps clients produce the "R" sound
  • Easier to use and more accurate than a tongue depressor
  • Made with FDA-approved materials and colors

Product Details

More About This Product

Tongue LifteR Used by clinician to place the tongue in the correct position to produce the “R” sound. The contoured cradle fully supports and lifts the tongue and the angled handle provides optimal lift and control. The lifter has proved easier to use and more accurate than a tongue depressor. Children will feel the correct placement and hear the correct sound. One lifter per child recommended. Clean with soap and water. FDA-approved materials and colors. Not made with natural rubber latex.

Sold only in packs of three lifters: one each of Blue, Green, Red

How to Use Tongue LifteR to Obtain an “R” Sound:

 • Show the student the Tongue LifteR and explain that you will put the LifteR in their mouth to lift the back of their tongue to the correct place to make the “er” sound.

• Instruct the student to open their mouth and put the tip of their tongue up behind their front teeth

• Place the cradle of Tongue LifteR under their tongue as far back as it will go, while holding the Tongue LifteR's handle

• Instruct the student to close their teeth loosely around the stem of Tongue LifteR with their lips slightly open and then to say “er” for as long as they can.

• Move the Tongue LifteR handle down, raising the posterior tongue from underneath and push the tongue further back if necessary and adjust the placement of the tongue slightly until the student’s vocalization becomes a correct sounding “er”.

• Tell the student that this is where their tongue needs to be to make a good “er” sound and remove the Tongue LifteR

• Instruct the student to put their tongue in the “er” place and say “er” without assistance. Repeat these steps until the student is able to produce the correct “er” sound without further assistance.

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