Thick-It® and Thick-It 2®

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Product Highlights

  • Thick-It thickens any liquid or pureed food
  • Low-sodium, cornstarch-based powder
  • Used to achieve the appropriate food and liquid consistencies for clients with dysphagia
  • Dissolves instantly
  • Thick-It 2 provides twice the thickening

Product Details

More About This Product

Thick-It® allows you to easily modify liquids and pureed foods to help people of all ages with swallowing problems (called “dysphagia”). Thick-It helps decrease the risk of choking and aspiration – a common cause of pneumonia. It effectively thickens hot or cold beverages and pureed foods for people who normally have difficulty swallowing without contributing any flavor or odor. With Thick-It, you can easily modify liquids and pureed foods to produce any desired consistency quickly and controllably without changing taste or appearance. Thick-It, is readily digested and does not bind fluids. Thick-It is recommended by doctors, speech-language pathologists, and dietitians for clients in hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation facilities as well as at home.

Making it easier for people with dysphagia and swallowing problems

  • Thick-It dissolves easily without cooking
  • Cornstarch-based, low in sodium, and neutral in taste
  • Makes liquids and pureed food easier to swallow and more appetizing
  • Thickens hot or cold liquids or pureed foods

Thick-It Original is for moderate thickening, Thick-It 2 is for double thickening

10 oz. cans • Gluten-free

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