The Importance of Armboard Straps in the Operating Room

July 25, 2023

armboard strap

For patients undergoing surgical procedures, ensuring that they are securely and comfortably positioned during the process is crucial. Armboard straps are designed to secure the patient's arms during surgery to prevent any unwanted movement. This article will explore the importance of armboard straps during surgical procedures as well as the different benefits of reusable and disposable strap options.  

What are Armboard Straps? 

Armboard straps hold the patient's arm securely to the armboard during surgery to prevent movement, which could result in nerve damage, bleeding, or other complications. These straps are also designed to help reduce pressure on the arms during surgical procedures and prevent skin breakdown. By providing adequate security and support, the straps are essential in ensuring patient comfort and preventing complications during and after the surgical procedure.  

Reusable or Disposable? 

As with other types of surgical straps, infection control is an important aspect of choosing the right armboard strap. Reusable and disposable options allow healthcare providers the flexibility to choose the most appropriate option for their needs and their facility’s protocols.  

Reusable straps are easy to clean for complete disinfection between procedures. AliMed® Reusable Armboard Straps feature a broad surface area that reduces pressure points on the patient’s arm and decreases the risk of skin breakdown. They are also constructed of black conductive vinyl with hook-and-loop closure that’s comfortable against skin and cleans easily with disinfectant. 

Disposable straps are discarded after use, helping reduce cross-contamination risk and reduce O.R. cleanup time. AliMed® Soft-Secure Armboard Straps are resistant to stretch, offering a gentle, yet secure hold. The gentle padded foam interior offers increased patient comfort, while the infinitely adjustable hook-and-loop attachment provides a secure fit on any armboard. 

For even more efficiency, AliStrap® Precut Patient Safety Straps are individually packaged and ready to use without the need to measure and cut. This helps cut down on both O.R. prep time and cleanup.  

Armboard straps play a vital role in ensuring that patients’ arms are secure during surgical procedures, helping reduce potential complications. In addition to armboard straps, AliMed offers a full line of Surgical Table Accessories to ensure the safety and stability of patients in the operating room.  


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