The DeSoutter Cast Saw Advantage

June 15, 2023

desoutter cast saw

Removing a plaster cast is a delicate process that requires a highly specialized tool. Cast saws are designed to ensure that the patient's skin is not damaged while removing the cast. One of the most reliable and efficient cast saws available today is the DeSoutter Cast Saw. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits and usage of these powerful tools.  

DeSoutter Cast Saw Overview 

DeSoutter Cast Saws are primarily used to remove plaster casts and are designed for precision cutting. These saws offer rapid and efficient cutting on the thickest of body casts, allowing doctors and nurses to quickly and accurately remove the cast without damaging the patient’s skin. Cast saws also work with a selection of specialized blades for cutting through different types of casts.

DeSoutter Cast Saw Features 

DeSoutter Cast Saws are designed with the user in mind. There are a variety of unique features that set these cast saws apart, including: 

  • Ergonomic design for excellent control and flexibility 
  • High-torque motor for added power 
  • Speed control mechanism with high and low settings 
  • Finger switch for easy operation and improved ergonomics 
  • Tapered lock that applies a wedge to components that need to move in unison, eliminating lost motion and reducing both noise and vibration  
  • Tool-free blade loading for ease-of-use  
  • 30% lighter compared to other models, with balanced weight distribution for improved maneuverability and reduced wrist fatigue  
    Improved motor housing with vibration-absorbing material and acoustic baffles to reduce noise 

Specialized Cast Saws  

The DeSoutter CleanCast™ Pediatric Cast Saw is a specialized version of the standard cast saw. It features a smaller blade and motor, ensuring that it is comfortable and safe for use on pediatric patients. It is also designed to be easy to handle, allowing for precision cutting on smaller casts. The noise reduction and soft-start feature also help minimize patient anxiety, facilitating a smoother, more successful cast removal process. 

The DeSoutter CleanCast™ CC7 Electric Cast Saw with Extraction System features increased-capacity HEPA dust bags to ensure particles over 0.3 microns are captured, a sealing cover to prevent dust from escaping during bag changes, and a polyester filter to protect the extractor head in case of a dust bag leak. The integrated tray provides easy, convenient storage for tools and accessories. 

DeSoutter Cast Saw Blades 

DeSoutter Cast Saw Blades are designed to last longer and cut faster, with a simplified selection of four high-performance coatings and three saw blade designs—64mm diameter fully round, 64mm diameter segmented, and 80mm diameter segmented. Blade coating options include:  

  • Ion Nitride: The only coating that can be recommended for fiberglass. Ion Nitride treatment makes the blade material itself harder and tougher for maximum durability.  
  • PTFE: Runs cool on plaster and polyester.  
  • Titanium Nitride: Runs cool on plaster and can be used significantly longer than PTFE without a loss in cutting performance. 
  • Zirconium Nitride: 50% harder than Titanium Nitride and significantly more durable than PTFE, resulting in reduced wear. 

The DeSoutter Cast Saw is an essential tool used by orthopedic medical professionals to remove plaster casts safely and efficiently. Its powerful motor, specialized blades, and ergonomic design make it the preferred choice for hospitals and clinics worldwide. 


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