THE BREATHER® Respiratory Muscle Trainer

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Product Highlights

  • Strengthens muscles of inhalation and exhalation
  • Improves breath support in speech training
  • Enhanced dual-resistance settings for inhalation and exhalation
  • Now available in Pink!
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Product Details

More About This Product

THE BREATHER® is a Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT) device that is effective in rebuilding strength in both inspiratory and expiratory muscles of respiration. THE BREATHER trains diaphragmatic breathing to improve breath support for speech production, swallow safety, productive cough, and helps reduce dyspnea. This unique, ergonomic handheld tool provides 11 independent settings to strengthen both inhalation and exhalation and it can be used with breathing or speaking valves. Available in Blue or Pink.

Purpose of use:
• Improves respiratory muscle strength and endurance 
• Promotes diaphragmatic breathing
• Decreases shortness of breath  
• Increases MIP and MEP
• Activates muscles of the hyolaryngeal complex
• Activates labial and buccal muscles 
• Improves safe swallow function 
• Improves airflow through vocal folds for speech production 
• Improves peak cough flow for productive cough
• Pre-Op and Post-Op

1. Designed to promote lip seal
2. 11 total dial settings
3. Inspiratory and expiratory settings adjust independently
4. Ergonomic design for improved grip
5. Easy to use and clean

1-1/8"W x 5-1/16"L x 1-7/8"H • Clean with soap and water

For instructions on how to use THE BREATHER®, click here.

 For information on how to clean THE BREATHER®, click here.

For information on how to breathe during training, click here.

For more information on THE BREATHER®, click here.

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