The Breather®

Respiratory Muscle Trainer
Dyspnea - Dysphagia - Dysarthria

the breather

The Breather® is a respiratory muscle trainer (RMT) used by COPD, CHF, Dysphagia, and Neuromuscular Disease patients to improve dyspnea, QOL, speech and swallow performance. It trains both inspiratory and expiratory muscles independently with multiple pressure settings per dial. This new model was designed by therapists for therapists and builds from the success of the original Breather, in service for 36 yrs.

Purpose For Use:

  • Increase respiratory muscle strength
  • Reduce dyspnea
  • Helps prevent aspiration
  • Increased PIF and PEF
  • Improved laryngeal function
  • Improved swallowing and speech
  • Improved peak cough flow
  • Pre-Op and Post-Op
best sellerthe new breather model

New Features:

  1. Stronger mouth seal
  2. Listed cmH2O of pressure of per dial setting
  3. Inspiratory and Expiratory settings operate independently
  4. Ergonomic design for poor hand strength
  5. Easy to use and clean