Surgical Hand Tables: An Overview

July 5, 2023

surgical hand table use

Having the right equipment can make a huge difference in the success of any medical procedure, and hand surgery is no exception. Surgical hand tables can help medical professionals in hand surgery effectively do their jobs with increased ease and accuracy.

By having a surgical hand table at their disposal, surgeons can work more comfortably for longer hours, helping them provide quality care for their patients. In this article, we'll delve deeper into the significance of surgical hand tables, common types of hand tables, and various features that differentiate them from traditional surgery tables. 

What is a Surgical Hand Table?

Surgical arm and hand tables are specialized medical devices that offer unobstructed access to a patient's arms and hands during surgical procedures. These tables feature an extended surface on which the patient’s arm and hand are positioned, and are height-adjustable to comfortably accommodate a range of surgical procedures. 

The design of surgical hand tables allows the surgeon and surgical team maximum movement and range, providing critical visibility and stability in even the most complex hand surgeries. Additionally, these tables are often compatible with accessories such as hand and wrist supports or customizable armrests to ensure the most comfortable and secure position for the patient throughout the procedure.

Positioning Patients for Optimal Results 

The primary function of a surgical hand table is to enable the optimal positioning of the patient, providing free access to the hand and arm during surgery. This positioning is critical for many procedures in hand surgery, allowing the surgeon to reach the surgical site with ease and precision.

The adjustable components of surgical hand tables allow the surgical team to fine-tune patient positioning based on the specific requirements of the surgical procedure. Many tables include mechanisms for height adjustment, while others are compatible with adjustable hand table legs. 

Hand table legs are an essential component of surgical hand tables. They allow for height adjustment to ensure that the table is at the appropriate level for the surgical team to work comfortably and effectively. These legs can be adjusted to accommodate the unique needs of the patient, the surgeon, and the procedure. 

Types of Surgical Hand Tables 

Surgical hand tables come in a variety materials each with their own benefits and features. for various surgical procedures. Materials include carbon fiber, Rhino Board™, aluminum/polycarbonate, and phenolic plastic.

Carbon Fiber Hand Tables are lightweight and easier to move around, providing more comfortable access to the surgical site and reducing the fatigue and reflection of light from traditional medical equipment. 

Rycor Specialist Series Carbon Fiber Ultralight Hand Tables include an under-pad mount for added stability and angles for vascular procedures. The one-turn twist knob offers simple height adjustment and fast setup. The table can also hang on the wall for easy storage.

Rhino Board™ Hand Tables offer an optimal combination of durability, radiolucency, and ease of use. They deliver carbon fiber functionality without the high cost or risk of chipping or cracking. These tables have self-healing properties that prevent bacterial buildup under the surface. 

AliMed® Hand Tables are made of ultra-durable Rhino Board and are 3/4" thick for radiolucency equal to less than 1 mm aluminum equivalency. Tables come equipped with a folding leg for easy storage. 

Aluminum/Polycarbonate Hand Tables and armboards feature a strong aluminum frame with a radiolucent polycarbonate window. Polycarbonate is strong and impact-resistant, helping protect the table or armboard from damage.

Rycor Professional Series Aluminum/Polycarbonate Under Pad Mount Armboards feature an under-pad mount for added stability and can be placed on an angle for vascular procedures. Adjustable armrests and replacement pads can be added for increased patient comfort.

Phenolic Plastic Hand Tables and armboards are lightweight and cost-effective. This industrial-strength laminated plastic is created by pressing thin layers of paper-like material together. It is up to 30% lighter than Rhino Board, making it simpler to handle, store, and transport.

Rycor Clinical Series Phenolic Clinical Hourglass Rail Mount Armboards are made of phenolic plastic and feature molded armboards and built-in clamps for easy attachment to O.R. tables. 

Surgical Table Accessories 

When using a surgical hand table, surgical table accessories such as armboard pads and straps help further secure and properly position the patient. These accessories play a critical role in providing support to the patient’s arm and hand, ensuring unwanted movements do not occur, and minimizing the risk of nerve damage or other pressure complications.

By utilizing surgical hand tables as well as various table accessories, surgeons can improve the efficiency and accuracy of their procedures while ensuring patient safety and comfort. Ultimately, the adaptability of surgical hand tables allows them to be customized to meet the unique needs of each individual patient.

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