Storymatic® Rememory™

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Storymatic® Rememory™
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  • A fun conversational activity that helps clients access memories
  • Over 200 prompts in three color-coded card decks

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Storymatic® Rememory™A card-based way to access memories. It’s a fun conversational activity that helps access stories the client already has—memories. Ideal for individual sessions or groups for sharing (and comparing) memories. Has over 200 prompts in three color-coded card decks, including:

• 25 Season cards like “summer” and “Halloween”
• 25 Generation cards like “parent” and “grandson”
• 180 Prompt cards like “tree" and “joy”

Depending on the level of the client, you can start with just one card then progress to two and three cards from different decks, or start with one card from each deck for the client to relay a memory. Comes with suggestions for using with a single client, with friends/family, and in group sessions. Cards have rounded edges and box is light and portable with a vintage design.

Contains 200+ cards (3-1/2" x 2") in a storage box.

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