Stand up to leg and foot pain

July 23, 2018
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Standing for hours at a time, day in and day out, is a major risk factor in the development of venous disorders.

Compression Socks—not just for your patients

There’s nothing worse at the end of a long, stressful shift than having to deal with the repercussions of standing all day—painful, swollen, and fatigued legs and feet. Many healthcare professionals simply view the problem as a side effect of their job and do little to proactively manage the pain and stress.

But doing nothing can lead to more serious damage.

Standing for hours at a time, day in and day out, is a major risk factor in the development of venous disorders. Prolonged standing can cause increased pressure on veins in both legs and feet, which can lead to issues such as spider veins, varicose veins, or worse. While some people may experience little or no symptoms from mild venous issues, problems such as swelling, throbbing, aching, and cramping can occur, and are often exacerbated after a long day on your feet.1

Treat your feet

Every day healthcare staff prescribe compression socks or stockings for their patients to prevent swelling, blood clots, and other issues—but many may not think to treat their legs and feet to the same therapeutic relief. Graduated compression stockings are specifically designed to apply maximum pressure at the ankles and decrease gradually up the leg to help stimulate circulation of blood flow and oxygen.2 This can help to relieve stress, swelling, or pain in legs and feet, and can even counter premature muscle fatigue, helping to increase standing endurance—all of which allow you to keep your mind on your patients and off your feet.

Bauerfeind®—the right stockings for the job

Just as it’s important to select the right compression sock and size for your patients’ needs, it’s equally as important for you. As a global leader in phlebology products engineered for superior comfort and performance, Bauerfeind has developed an innovative line of Medical Compression Socks and Stockings that combines therapeutic excellence with modern styling for optimal wearing comfort—all sized using Bauerfeind’s exclusive Perfect-Fit Sizing System designed to offer a custom-like fit for nearly everyone.

As a new U.S. distributor of Bauerfeind’s phlebology line, AliMed now offers a wide range of compression stockings aimed at managing mild to more severe venous disorders—including Bauerfeind’s Sports Compression Socks and VenoTrain® micro and business Compression Stockings—all made with proprietary yarns that are soft against the skin with easy-on/easy-off, roll-free functionality for better compliance.

There’s no reason to let tired, achy feet get in the way of doing your job—now you can stand up to the pain and stand up longer.


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