SoftPro® HKO (Hip/Knee Orthosis)

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Product Highlights

  • For progressive stretch of hip abduction contracture
  • Use in bed or wheelchair
  • Padded cuffs with antibacterial, shear-reducing fabric
  • Optional Air Bladder Starter Kit sold separately

Product Details

More About This Product

SoftPro® HKO (Hip/Knee Orthosis) for progressive stretch of hip abduction contracture. Adjustable bar allows up to 45° abduction. Use in bed or wheelchair. Can also be used with one or two OrthoPro® ROM Knee Orthoses for combined hip/knee abduction system (items must be ordered separately). Cuffs with antibacterial, shear-reducing fabric and gel padding help protect skin and limit odor.  

SoftPro® Air Bladder Starter Kit may be used with HKO for cases of severe adduction where patient is unable to tolerate abductor bar initially.  Air bladder kit replaces bar and gradually inflates to increase abduction range. Tool-free adjustment. Hand bulb included. Must purchase HKO separately.

Suggested code: L1652 (HKO)

Sizing: Measure thigh circumference 4” above knee.
HKO Fits 12"-18" circumference

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