AliMed Product Item Number/SKU Changes

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve your customer experience, AliMed is excited to announce the rollout of a more streamlined, efficient, and uniform product SKU system coming in early Q2 2023.

Check this page often for updates on the timing of this transition.

What is changing?

Every standard product, model, and style (size, color, etc.) in our portfolio will be assigned a new unique 10-digit SKU. All SKUs will start with “297” for clear and immediate identification of an AliMed SKU.  

Please note: Any Made to Order or special order products will not be impacted by this change. Continue to order these products here or call 800-225-2610.

What other product attributes are changing?

No additional product changes are being made. 

The purchasing process and all other product information will not be impacted, including (but not limited to) pricing, packaging units of measure, and any other product attributes such as GTIN, UDI, or medical device class.  

How does this change help me?

  1. Simplified ordering Quickly find the right product variation and clearly identify an AliMed product with the new standard 297 prefix.
  2. Efficient inventory management Easily track styles and quantities in your system for more accurate reporting, analysis, or re-ordering. 
  3. Improved order accuracy Better data quality reduces order errors, minimizing unnecessary returns or shipment delays.
  4. Consistency across purchasing channels No matter where you place your order, AliMed SKUs will always be the same and easy to find.
  5. Streamlined EDI transactions Using current item data ensures a streamlined EDI order process, from purchase order to invoice. 
  6. Expanded EDI document exchange New features coming soon, including Advanced Ship Notice (ASN)/856!     

What do I need to do now?

You will need to update your ordering system and/or internal Item Master with the new SKUs to place orders. 

Please note: For a limited time and to help with this transition, AliMed will accept existing product item numbers and new SKUs.

I need to update my company’s internal Item Master. Will I receive a product list with the new SKUs?

A cross-reference list will be available for download from our website in early Q2. You can also request a list by contacting our Customer Care team:
Phone: 800-225-2610

Our internal staff needs time to prepare and update our ERP system. Will AliMed accept the existing product item numbers and new SKUs? If so, for how long?

For a limited time and to help with this transition, AliMed will accept existing product item numbers and new SKUs.  

Will products be updated with new SKUs in GHX’s AllSource Catalog?

For a limited time and to help with this transition, both existing product item numbers and new SKUs will be maintained.

Will I receive a new price list along with the new SKUs? 

New price lists will be available upon request. Please contact for any price list inquiries.

Another person in my organization will be required to implement this change. How can they receive communications about this?

Please contact our Customer Care team to add or update your company’s contact information for this initiative:  
Phone: 800-225-2610

If I search by the existing product item number, will I still be able to find the right product page on your website?

Yes. Whether you search by the existing product item number or the new SKU, you will be directed to the same corresponding product page, which will only display the new SKU.  

I receive AliMed product catalogs in the mail. Will these include the new SKUs?

Yes. As of May 2023, all new mailed catalogs, newly posted eCatalogs, or other direct mail and materials with product numbers will include the new SKUs.

Please note: Many of our previously released eCatalogs posted on will not include the new SKUs. However, any clickable product link will direct you to the corresponding product page with the new SKUs.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Please contact our Customer Care team:  
Phone: 800-225-2610 
Fax: 800-437-2966