SimplyThick® EasyMix™ Gel Thickener

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  • Pre-measured packets
  • Clear liquid

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SimplyThick® EasyMix Gel Thickener makes thickening beverages easier and simpler—and no longer requires shaking or agitation. Just add to hot or cold beverages and stir for 20 seconds to thicken to perfection. There’s no graininess or aftertaste. Cannot clump—always the same consistency. Won’t impact the flavor of your food or beverages. Following the standardized terminology, Nectar is Mildly Thick (Level 2) and Honey is Moderately Thick (Level 3). Thickened beverages can be heated or frozen after mixing.

Nectar comes in 0.2 oz. packets, Honey comes in 0.4 oz. packets. Mix with 4 oz. of liquid.

Note: Not for use with infants.

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