Severo Electric Pill Grinder

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Product Highlights

  • Grinds pill to powder in only a few seconds for easier medication intake 
  • Eliminates exposure to medication dust 
  • Eliminates spills and cross-contamination 
  • Ideal for administering via feeding tubes 
  • Quiet, easy to use, and portable 
  • Recommended accessories sold separately (details below) 

Product Details

More About This Product

Severo Electric Pill Grinders Patients often have difficulty swallowing pills, but manually grinding medication can be time-consuming, physically difficult, and can put healthcare staff at risk of inhaling harmful aerosols. The Severo Electric Pill Grinder is a quick, easy, and safe way to grind medication. Electric grinding saves time and eliminates physical strain caused by manual grinding while the closed compartment reduces exposure to medication dust, spills, and cross-contamination. Portable design with near silent crushing. Perfect for any healthcare facility, including hospitals, nursing homes, and home-care organizations. Medication Cups, Lids, Anti-Contamination Dividers/Grinding Sheets, and Stability Plate sold separately (details below).

Quick, easy, and safe to use: Put medication in the Severo Medication Cup, place Grinding Sheet then metal grinding head on top, position the cup in the grinder compartment, close the lid, and within seconds the medication is available in powder form. Powdered medication can then be mixed with a liquid or gel to help facilitate mediation intake and is also ideal for administering via feeding tubes.

Grinder: 2-3/4"W x 3-1/4"L x 8-5/8"H • 3.3 lbs. • 12 Volts • Battery load and battery life indicator 

Recommended accessories (sold separately): 

Severo Medication Cups hold medication during grinding. 
Severo Medication Lids seal medication cup after grinding, minimizing spills and contamination risk during storage or medication distribution. 
Severo Anti-Contamination Dividers/Grinding Sheets made of durable cellophane keep the grinding head clean and help prevent cross-contamination, saving cleaning time after each grinding cycle. 
Stability Plate provides a stable base when grinding. 

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