SecureShield™ for Angiography

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SecureShield™ for Angiography
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SecureShield for Angiography, 13"W x 16"L, 0.375 mmPb #2970014951
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Product Highlights

  • For femoral artery and radial access procedures
  • Will not inhibit physician’s technique
  • Lead-free protection

Product Details

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SecureShield™ Scatter Reducing Pads and Drapes protect Physicians and staff during Interventional procedures from the harmful effects of scatter radiation. Every procedure where a radiologist or cardiologist is exposed to scatter radiation contributes to serious and cumulative lifetime risk factors. This long-term exposure can cause radiation-induced glaucoma, thyroid and other cancers. SecureShield™ is specially designed to block harmful radiation at the procedure site before scatter rays escape. Independent tests show that our material attenuates over 90% of direct beam radiation at 90 kVp intensity. Available in 3 levels of protection.

SecureShield™ for Angiography Provides ultimate protection for femoral artery and radial access procedures. Unique shield design protects hands, face and body. It will not inhibit physician's technique. The small fenestration and the slit to the shield edge provide maximum protection to hands and body and excellent maneuverability around the sheath.

13"W x 16"L • 0.375-mm Pb • Protection above 98% at 90 kVp • Lead-free

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