Secure Touch® XR1 Ultra-Thin Attenuation Glove

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Secure Touch® XR1 Ultra-Thin Attenuation Glove
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Product Highlights

  • Lead- and powder-free radiation protection
  • Textured glove fingers and palms for secure grip
  • Hypoallergenic liner

Product Details

More About This Product

Secure Touch® XR1 Ultra-Thin Radiation Attenuation Gloves are lead-free and powder-free. Attenuation gloves are made with an internal hypoallergenic liner to help reduce the risk of reactions to the wearer. Textured glove fingers and glove palms prevent staff from losing their grip on equipment. Because the attenuation gloves are lead-free, they require no special disposal. Sterile. Khaki. Box of 5 pairs. 

XR1 Ultra-Thin Gloves attenuate at 46% at 60 kVp to 24% at 120 kVp with a 0.020 mm Pb-equivalency and a thickness of 0.20 mm, 12"L.

Size options: 6-1/2, 7, 7-1/2, 8, 8-1/2, and 9

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