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Product Highlights

  • Helps dysphagia clients with oral motor control of liquids
  • Small fluid chamber with one-way valve and “float” regulates fluid draw
  • For use with any normal straw

Product Details

More About This Product

SafeStraw™ This reusable straw holder assists with oral motor control of liquid bolus by using a small fluid chamber with a one-way valve and a “float” to regulate how much fluid is sucked through the straw at once, helping to prevent aspiration or choking. Once suck is stopped, float sinks to the bottom and is ready to deliver more liquid. Each suck delivers about one teaspoon of liquid. Discreet tool includes 12 single-use drinking straws (or use with your own 1/4" drinking straw). Fits a variety of drinking containers such as cups and bottles.

Available in two versions: Thin White SafeStraw for use with thin liquids and thick Blue SafeStraw for use with nectar-thickened fluids. Reusable with single-client use. Dishwasher-safe. 12 per box.

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