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Defend Your Thyroid

The thyroid is one of the most radiation-sensitive organs in the head and neck. Wearing a thyroid shield is your first line of defense against harmful scatter radiation and can reduce radiation doses by as much as 45%.*

AliMed offers a wide selection of Thyroid Shields with full 0.5 mm Pb-equivalent protection for the functionality you want with the radiation protection you need. Available in a range of styles, including models designed to coordinate with AliMed Perfect Fit™ or Grab 'n Go Aprons or aid with infection control.

Coordinating Models

Our Perfect Fit Unattached Thyroid Shields coordinate with our Perfect Fit Aprons and offer the largest variety with more than 400 colors and prints, four weight options, and personalized monogramming. Grab 'n Go Thyroid Shields in Lead-Free or Standard Lead are available in Navy, Red, Royal Blue, or Burgundy to match our Grab 'n Go Aprons.

Hygienic Options

AliMed® Hygienic Thyroid Shields are free of top binding to help prevent chafing and offer the same level of protection as other styles while guarding against harmful bacteria. Our Fluidproof model is impervious to liquids and antimicrobial-treated to inhibit the growth of bacteria while the Ultralight Disposable Thyroid Shield eliminates the need for cleaning and disinfection. Barrier Technologies' MagnaGuard™ Thyroid Shield features a magnetic closure to reduce bacteria buildup associated with conventional hook-and-loop closures.

*American Thyroid Association, Policy Statement on Thyroid Shielding During Diagnostic Medical and Dental Radiology, 2013.

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