Post-Op/Wound Care Shoes

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  • AliMed® Classic Post-Op Shoe AliMed® Classic Post-Op Shoe
    • Post-Op shoe for after foot surgery
    • Cushioned, nonskid, rocker sole for complete, shock-absorbing stabilization
    • Durable upper with soft inner lining
    • D-ring closure
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  • AliMed® Square Toe Post-Op Shoes AliMed® Square Toe Post-Op Shoes
    • Square toe post-operative shoe offers room for comfort
    • Square toe design acts as a bumper
    • High ankle strap helps maintain proper positioning
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  • Canvas Post-Op Shoe Canvas Post-Op Shoe
    • Rigd, slip resistant outsole
    • 1/4" foam insole
    • Hook-and-loop D-ring closures
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  • Darco® APB™ Shoe Darco® APB™ Shoe
    • For all-season, closed-toe protection
    • Room for bulky, post-op dressings or even most fiberglass casts
    • Breathable upper provides high-top protection
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  • Darco® Body Armor® Pro Term Darco® Body Armor® Pro Term
    • For Chopart and Lisfranc amputations
    • Wide opening for easy foot insertion
    • Practical and secure closure system
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  • Darco® Ezy-Close™ Post-Op Shoe Darco® Ezy-Close™ Post-Op Shoe
    • Shoe blends in well with dress clothes
    • Soft, lightweight, breathable nylon mesh upper
    • Hook-and-loop flap
    • No straps or D-rings
    • Post-op shoe for after foot surgery
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  • Darco® MedSurg™ Shoe Darco® MedSurg™ Shoe
    • Darco's square toe design provides additional protection
    • The Medsurg shoe has a strapless closure that eliminates buckle pressure on the forefoot
    • Shoe can expand to accommodate dressing up to 17" in circumference
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  • Darco® Pediatric Slimline™ Cast Boot Darco® Pediatric Slimline™ Cast Boot
    • Stiff sole
    • Long-wearing polyester and EVA upper
    • Hook-and-loop closures
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  • Darco® Slimline Cast Boot Darco® Slimline Cast Boot
    • Stiff sole
    • Long wearing polyester and EVA upper
    • Rocker design sole with a ripple finish
    • Hook-and-loop closures
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  • Darco® Wound Care Shoe System Darco® Wound Care Shoe System
    • Unique wound care shoe system recommended for the treatment of foot problems where it is desirable to redistribute weight away from specific areas
    • Four multi-density Insoles allow for the ultimate in customization and precisely targeted off-loading.
    • Ultra-soft Plastazote lining provides a virtually friction-free contact surface that won’t exacerbate existing wounds
    • Shoe has a genuine leather upper can be modified or cut away to provide even greater levels of pressure relief
    • Shoes are sold in pairs to eliminate discrepancies in shoe height and the potential associated knee and hip pain
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  • Evenup™ Shoe Leveler Evenup™ Shoe Leveler
    • Evenup Shoe Leveler adds 1.3cm or 2.1cm to compensate for a shorter limb length when wearing a walking boot, cast or fracture boot
    • Improves uneven gait and balance
    • Eliminates low back pain and hip pain often associated with a walking cast
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  • Össur® Equalizer® Air Walker Össur® Equalizer® Air Walker
    • Patented pneumatic system increases stability while decreasing pain and swelling
    • Air-fill level is easily adjusted to achieve desired compression and custom fit
    • Accommodates the swelling patterns that occur throughout the rehabilitation process
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