PopitzPillow Supine Sniff Positioner

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  • Automatically aligns and opens airway when head is placed upon pillow
  • First responder can mask-ventilate with ease until a skilled intubator arrives

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PopitzPillow Supine Sniff Positioner Historically, hospital personnel have used folded towels, blankets, or at best, foam or gel pillows to support or cradle the patient's head during intubation or mask ventilation. PopitzPillow consistently places a patient into the perfect sniff position instantly.

Save time
: Stop hunting around for pillows or blanket rolls and end time-consuming positioning of patients and failed intubation attempts. Just place the patient's head on the pillow and perfect Sniff is achieved.

Create consistency: The PopitzPillow Supine Sniff Positioner allows for the same quality of laryngeal alignment every time and by everyone who uses it.

Easier mask ventilation (great to keep on the code cart): During mask anesthesia (conscious sedation) the airway becomes obstructed due to the relaxation of the muscular structures of the oropharynx. This can require the patient’s jaw to be held. The Sniff Positioner enables the airway to remain open. In the event of respiratory failure, the respiratory therapist, utilizing the support pillow, can ventilate the patient without any difficulty until a skilled intubator arrives.

Reduce injury risk and save $$: Automatic alignment of the oropharyngeal, laryngeal, and tracheal axes reduces chance of trauma to adjacent tissues.

Standard (adult): 9-1/2"W x 6"L x 8-1/2"H
Extra Large: 15"W x 18"L x 5"H

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