Pill Crusher/Pulverizer

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Pill Crusher/Pulverizer
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Product Highlights

  • Easily crushes pills and caplets into a powder for easy intake
  • Separate compartment in top useful for pill storage
  • Made of tough, precision plastic

Product Details

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Pill Crusher/Pulverizer crushes pills and caplets into a powder for easy intake with food or liquids. Pulverizing point crushes pills with a simple twist of the wrist. Separate compartment in the top is convenient for pill storage.

Buy by the case and they're inexpensive enough to give one to every patient or resident, helping to avoid cross contamination of drugs and infection. So easy to use that many patients can crush their own pills. Economical enough for patients to take with them at discharge.

Made of tough, precision plastic. Not made with natural rubber latex.

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