Weighing your options

Patient Scales are essential diagnostic tools that aid with proper medication dosing and treatment plans. AliMed offers a variety of mechanical and digital models so you can choose the right scales to meet your facility or clinic needs. All models provide accurate and efficient weight measurement, and many offer specialty features, including EMR (electronic medical record) connectivity, wireless functionality, or KG locking options as well as accessories such as height rods or rails for stability.

Column and Balance Beam styles are ideal for physician offices and small clinics—available in digital or mechanical models, low profile for smaller spaces, and with or without height rods. Platform and Handrail Scales can be used for a broader range of clients and feature larger standing platforms and optional handrails for stability while Floor Scales are perfect for in-home use or travel. For patients with limited mobility, Wheelchair and Stretcher Scales include ramps or extra-large platforms and are best for facility use, particularly long-term-care settings. Chair Scales work well in small spaces and are portable to bring the scale to the patient easily.

Bariatric Scales for heavier patients offer weight capacities up to 1000 lbs. while Pediatric models accommodate your youngest and smallest patients up to 44 lbs.

EMR-Ready Scales connect directly to your facility’s electronic health record system either wirelessly or via USB to securely and accurately transfer data. For KG-only protocols, KG Only and KG Locking Scales help minimize the risk of medication-dosing errors. Specialty Scales and Accessories include patient transfer boards with built-in scales for instant weighing during transfers, Lap Sponge/Organ Scales, or alternatives to traditional models such as those with laser height rods or talking capabilities for vision-impaired patients.