Passy Muir® Tracheostomy and Ventilator Speaking Valves

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Product Highlights

  • Restores communication and natural positive airway pressure
  • Improves swallowing and may reduce aspiration
  • Facilitates secretion management
  • Expedites ventilator weaning and decannulation
  • Aids with infection control by eliminating finger occlusion Improves smell, taste, and sensation

Product Details

More About This Product

Passy Muir® Tracheostomy and Ventilator Speaking Valve (PMV®) with patented bias-closed position, no-leak design redirects airflow through the vocal folds, mouth, and nose, enabling voice and improved communication while helping restore natural positive airway pressure. Speaking valves also improve swallow and may reduce aspiration, facilitate secretion management, expedite ventilator weaning and decannulation, improve smell and taste, and aid with infection control by eliminating the necessity of finger occlusion. May also improve oxygenation. Not made with natural rubber latex.

Both valves attach easily to a standard 15-mm tracheostomy tube hub and can be used on and off the ventilator with adult and pediatric patients.

PMV 2001 (Purple Color™) is lightweight and low-profile and can deliver supplemental low-flow oxygen using the PMA® 2000 Oxygen Adapter (not included). Also connects to a ventilator using the PMV® AD22 Adapter (not included) or other 22-mm flexible silicone adapter (not included). Includes one PMV Secure-It® that connects the valve to a tracheostomy tie to help prevent loss.

15 mm I.D. • 23 mm O.D.

PMV 007 (Aqua Color™) inserts into standard disposable tubing in a ventilator circuit. Can be connected to an in-line suction system using a PMV-AD1522 (not included) or any 15 mm x 22 mm step-down adapter (not included). Not compatible with PMV Secure-It or PMA 2000 Oxygen Adapter.

15 mm I.D. • 22 mm O.D.
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