Parker Laboratories UltraDrape™ UGPIV Barrier and Securement

UltraDrape UGPIV Barrier, 50/cs #939265
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Product Highlights

  • Reduces procedure cost and cleanup time
  • Minimizes securement failure
  • Enables a “no-touch” aseptic procedure

More About This Product

Parker Laboratories UltraDrape™ UGPIV Barrier and Securement is a sterile, dual-action dressing uniquely designed for use during Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral Intravenous (UGPIV) to reduce procedure time, securement failure, and risk of infection. UltraDrape provides both barrier protection and securement in one dressing, making it cost-efficient and user-friendly. It facilitates a no-touch, aseptic procedure without compromising efficacy or impeding visualization.

This innovative dressing uses a removable film layer during ultrasound guidance that is easily discarded, eliminating the time-consuming need to clean transmission gel from the skin prior to IV securement. Inadequate removal of transmission gel can lead to securement dressing failure. UltraDrape minimizes securement failure and provides a more cost-effective UGPIV procedure.

Adhesive strips on the release film provide added securement of the tubing and catheter hub, and the bifurcated, standalone design prevents gel from reaching the IV site while enabling seamless catheter insertion and securement. Not made with natural rubber latex. Box of 50.

5-4/5"L x 3-1/4" dressings

WARNING: California's Proposition 65
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