Operating Room Safety

The products in the OR Safety Section are focused on “Engineered Sharps Injury Prevention (ESIP)” ESIP encompasses safety engineered devices, safety scalpels, safety handles, neutral zone, and hands-free techniques that provide you with a single or multiple product solution.

In addition, AliMed’s new line of TIME OUT products comply with the Joint Commission's Universal Protocol for Preventing Wrong Site, Wrong Procedure, and Wrong Person Surgery. Make sure your OR does not make a mistake they will regret! Ergonomic Staff Safety Products Many states are introducing the “no lift” regulation in order to prevent staff back injuries.

The Ergo Step Stool, Dri Floor, and Trip no More products found in this section protect your staff along with following OSHA requirements. Correct Medication Labeling System in this line were developed in accordance with the current Joint Commission requirements & AORN recommendation to "Label all medications, medication containers or other solutions on and off the sterile field in preoperative and other procedural settings."