AliMed’s Open Heel and Open Forefoot Orthoses Provide High Clinical Performance at a Lower Price

March 30, 2022

Amy Fontaine
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AliMed’s Open Heel and Open Forefoot Orthoses Provide High Clinical Performance at a Lower Price

New offloading shoes are an affordable, quality wound care option

Dedham, Mass., Mar. 30, 2022AliMed, Inc., a Massachusetts-based medical supply manufacturer and distributor, introduced today the Open Heel and Open Forefoot Orthoses as part of its line of wound care products, offering high-quality clinical performance that helps offload heel or forefoot pressure at a more economical price point than similar devices on the market.

Foot conditions such as ulcers, neuropathy, and other acute foot trauma often limit or prevent a patient’s mobility and can be slow to heal, requiring an offloading device to help relieve pressure. However, many commonly used options such as total contact casts and walker boots involve clinician assistance or cannot be tolerated due to the bulkiness of the device or even poor skin quality. This can lead to decreased patient compliance or even more severe wound complications.

To address these common issues, AliMed developed an offloading shoe designed to provide the same level of clinical performance without the high cost.

“These orthoses help ease the financial strain on both patients and facilities without sacrificing comfort or performance,” said Steve Muller, Sr. Product Manager at AliMed, adding that because these orthoses are lightweight and easy to use, they also help promote greater patient compliance than more traditional, cumbersome devices.

The Open Heel model has a single bridge strap for easy application, while the Open Forefoot model has three center straps for added stability. Straps on both shoes are strategically placed to provide optimal fit and utilize hook-and-loop technology for easier donning and removal.

“Alongside proper debridement and optimization of blood flow, offloading ulcerations is the most consequential impact we can have for our patients,” said Marc Spiegel, DPM/FACFAS at Signature Healthcare. “These [new AliMed] products help us do just that and get us one step closer to wound closure.”

In addition to its wound care line, AliMed also offers a wide selection of complementary products to help offset temporary leg-length discrepancies that can occur when using offloading devices, including heel lifts, insoles, and inserts.

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