Ergonomic Office Seating

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ErgoHuman Chairs
ErgoHuman Chairs
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Odyssey Executive Leather Chair
Odyssey Executive Leather Chair
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Why ergonomic seating?

Finding a well-designed, ergonomic chair is essential for a safe and productive work environment. Long hours sitting in the wrong chair can contribute to poor posture, fatigue, aches and pains, and even possible injury.

A proper chair provides customizable support for almost any-sized user, as well as ensures that correct posture is achieved to help reduce aches and pains. A waterfall seat design also helps to promote good blood flow. Increased adjustability is essential for ergonomic comfort, which is why some chairs offer adjustable height, arms, and back, while others are specifically designed to accommodate kneeling or balancing positions for proper posture. Chairs with lateral and back support, contoured seats, and designs to help accommodate almost any body type are also available.

With a range of seating styles that include varying back and lateral support, multiple adjustment options, and upholstery choices to coordinate with your space, AliMed has both the ergonomic functionality and style to meet all your workspace needs.

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