Novum Medical Crib Accessories

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Novum Medical Crib Accessories

IV Poles with two hooks and bracket
EZ Access Rails provide access to child without lowering rails.
Dialysis Gates offer dual access at the head end.
Central Locking Casters engage brake or steering for all four casters.
Under Crib Storage Bins with oxygen tank cutouts. Durable laminate.
Vinyl Crib Tops made of medical-grade vinyl with herculite blue trim.
Crib Cage Tops slide up and down with halfway and full locking points when lifting.

Item #   Product  Standard Crib Klimer Crib   Cribette
 927116  IV Pole  Yes  Yes  Yes
 927121   EZ Access Rail   Yes   Yes  Yes
 927120  Dialysis Gate  Yes  Yes  Yes
 927115   Central Locking Caster  Yes  Yes  ----
 927125  Under Crib Storage Bin, Neonatal  ----  ----  Yes
 927126  Under Crib Storage Bin, Infant  Yes  Yes  ----
 927127  Under Crib Storage Bin, Child  Yes  Yes  ----
 927128  Under Crib Storage Bin, Youth  Yes  Yes  ----
 927106  Vinyl Crib Top, 30"W x 44"L, Infant  ----  Yes  ----
 927107  Vinyl Crib Top, 30"W x 60"L, Child  ----  Yes  ----
 927108  Vinyl Crib Top, 30"W x 72"L, Youth  ----  Yes  ----
 927110  Crib Cage Top, 30"W x 60"L, Child  Yes  ----  ----
 927111  Crib Cage Top, 30"W x 72"L, Youth  Yes  ----  ----

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