New Trendelenburg Positioning System

October 15, 2014

AliMed® Announces The Release Of The New SecureFit TPS Trendelenburg Positioning System – The simple, easy to use and reuse solution for steep Trendelenburg

Oct. 15, 2014, DEDHAM, Mass. — Strengthening its position as a leader in specialty surgical positioning products, AliMed Inc. announced today the availability of the new SecureFit TPS, Trendelenburg Positioning System.

The SecureFit TPS Trendelenburg Positioning System is designed to securely position patients in all Trendelenburg procedures including laproscopic, open and robotic urological and gynecological procedures. Hysterectomy, prostatectomy and colectomy procedures continue to grow and are expected to exceed one million procedures annually. The proprietary design of the SecureFit TPS combines a uniquely contoured surface geometry to resist sliding and a patient-conforming viscoelastic gel surface to redistribute pressure and protect the patient.

Shahin Tabatabaei, M.D., Assistant Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School and Director, Prostate Health Program Massachusetts General Hospital stated, “Once the patient is secured in the device there is no slippage or shift in position during surgery. It has reduced our prep time by 15-30 minutes in most DaVinci® robot assisted procedures in steep Trendelenburg position.”

“As an anesthesiologist, the big advantage to the SecureFit TPS over conventional methods of securing the patient is the total access to the patient’s torso without the need to wrap the arms with constrictive bindings,” added Jay Sarma, M.D., Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Desveloped and tested in conjunction with Massachusetts General Hospital, the SecureFit TPS has been used in over 120 consecutive general surgical, urological, and gynecological operations. “Steep Trendelenburg positioning has always posed a challenge in the Operating Room, particularly in robotic procedures,” said Rob Brown, AliMed Senior Vice President of Marketing. “The SecureFit TPS provides a consistent and easy method to secure the patient by conforming to the patients natural anatomy, requiring less than one minute to set up, complimenting a full line of specialty positioning products.”

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